This program provides Fair Housing Services for the City of Lima, Allen County and Mercer County.

The services include receiving Fair Housing complaints, providing information, training and educational material to the community.

Download our booklet “Tenant Landlord Rights and Responsibilities Under the Ohio Law”.

Landlord/Tenant Mediation – Success Story

By Veronica McLaurine, Community Development Director

Clara Dansberry walked into the WOCAP office to file a Fair Housing Complaint against her landlord. Clara alleged that her landlord was harassing her. Clara explained that her landlord charged her twice for cutting grass. Clara admitted that cutting the grass was included in her lease and it was her responsibility. Clara stated that the landlord would intentionally cut her grass, and charge her fees each time. Clara stated that fees were being tacked on to her monthly rent. Clara was nearing the end of her lease and was up for a new voucher. Clara was afraid that the landlord would hold the grass fee against her, which would prevent her from receiving her voucher from Met Housing. WOCAP’s Fair Housing staff contacted the case worker at Met Housing to obtain information that would help educate Clara on her rights and responsibilities. The Fair Housing staff informed Clara of her responsibilities as a Met Housing participant. Clara requested assistance from WOCAP staff with obtaining the amount owed for any fees from the landlord. The Fair Housing staff contacted the landlord and obtained the amount of $375.00. Clara agreed to pay the amount. Clara recently shared an update that she received her voucher and found a new place. Clara paid the landlord the fees that were owed.

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