Winter Crisis Program

Emergency Services

February 5, 2012

Winter is just around the corner. The unseasonably cool summer temperatures have made us uncertain with winter might have in store for Ohioans. West Ohio CAP has expanded and is providing utility and other emergency services to Allen, Auglaize, and Mercer counties.

The Winter Reconnect Order (WRO) was issued by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO). The Winter Reconnect Order (WRO) allows a customer to pay $175 in part or in full to their primary or secondary heating provider to maintain services, apply for new services, or restore services that have been completely disconnected. The WRO doesn’t have an income guideline and any regulated utility customer can invoke the WRO with or without coming into the local community action agency.

When to call for an appointment?

  • Customer has a disconnect notice on their bill.
  • Customer wants to enroll in PIPP Plus.
  • Customer must re-verify their annual PIPP Plus.
  • Customer has either a decrease or increase in the house-hold income.

Where to call for an appointment?

The West Ohio Community Action Partnership now uses an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) appointment system to schedule all utility appointments. To schedule an appointment please call toll free 1-855-286-7559. Please have your account numbers ready and a pen to write down the confirmation number for the appointment. The IVR Lines are available 7-days per week /24-hours daily. The customer has a choice of Allen, Auglaize, or Mercer counties for their appointment location.

During the Winter Crisis Program only an appointment will give a regulated customer a credit hold on the account until the customer can get into the agency to be assessed for eligibility. The customer is only permitted one appointment hold as per the utility provider. Customers who don’t keep their appointment are subject to disconnection of services.

If the customer’s service is shut completely off, or the customer has less than 25% of bulk fuel in their tank, the customer is establishing new service or is currently within 3- days of being disconnected the customer should then come as a walk-in. In Allen County walk-in to 540 S. Central, Avenue, Lima, in Auglaize County walk-in to 13093 Infirmary Rd., Wapakoneta, Ohio, and in Mercer County walk-in into 420 N. Brandon Ave, Celina, Ohio.

To determine eligibility customers must provide proof of Income for every household member 18-years of age or older, Social Security Cards for all household members, most recent gas bill (this includes propane, fuel oil, coal, or wood) and electric bill.

If a customer is unable to get into the agency they can have someone apply on their behalf as long as the person brings in a signed notarized statement giving the person permission to apply on their be-half.

When to re-verify PIPP?

PIPP Plus must be re-verified every 12-months or with-in 30-days of changes in household in-come. Failure to re-verify can result in the applicant being re-moved from the program and the customer’s defaulted PIPP Plus becoming due immediately. The customer is responsible to pay each installment on time in full by the date due each month. Customers must also make up any missed payments prior to their PIPP Plus anniversary date.

Please note customers who are declaring zero-income will need to provide documentation of how they are maintaining food, shelter, and utilities. Customers may be asked to provide tax transcripts from the IRS (Internal Revenue Service).