Starting September 8, 2016 all HEAP Program applicants MUST provide Proof of Citizenship for all household members to complete an application for PIPP Plus or any State Funded HEAP Program.

Accepted Documentation is listed below:

Proof of U.S. Citizenship Proof of Legal Resident/Qualified Alien
Birth Certificate/Hospital Birth Records Naturalization Papers/Certification of Citizenship
Baptismal Records (only when place and date of birth is shown) INS ID Card
Indian Census Record Alien Registration Cards/Re-entry Permits
Military Service Record INS Form I-151 or I-551 (Form I-151 will not be valid after August 1, 1993)
U.S. Passport INS Form I-94 if annotated with either: a) Sections 203(a)(7), 207, 208, 212(d)(5), 243(h), or 241(b)(3) of the Immigrations and Nationality Act: or b) One or a combination of the following terms: Refugee, Parolee, or Asylee
Verified Citizenship for OWF Program Permanent Visa
Voter Registration Cards INS Form G-641, “Application for verification of Information from INS Records”, when annotated at bottom by INS representative as lawful admission for humanitarian reasons.
Documentation that alien is classified pursuant to Sections: 101(a)(2), 203(a), 204(a)(1)(a), 207, 208, 212(d)(5), 241(b)(3), 243(h), or 244(a)(3), of the Immigration and Nationality Act
Court order stating that deportation has been withheld pursuant to Section 241(b)(3) OR 243(h) or of the Immigration and Nationality Act
INS Form I-688

Also Required to Complete an Application:

  • Documentation of income for all household members 18 years of age or older for the last 13 weeks
  • Social Security Cards for all household members
  • Picture ID
  • Current Electric and Gas Bills

Call 1-855-286-7559 to schedule an appointment.

For More Program Information Please Contact WOCAP

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