Adopt A Head Start Classroom

Please contact Janet Buchanan, Center Based Coordinator, LACCA – 419-227-0158, Ext. 116 regarding the news release below:


LACCA is introducing a new program to “Adopt a Head Start Classroom”. We would like to know if your business is interested in participating in this program. Why? Simply this, your participation can make a positive difference in a few children’s lives.

We are not asking for a cash donation. We are asking instead, that you commit some time from your staff as positive adult role-models, in one of the classrooms (there are 13 locations in Allen County), to provide individual attention to children, under the supervision of staff, to promote children’s development.

You get to decide how much time and effort is committed, a few hours a month, a special activity once a year, or collecting books to be used in the classroom. There are many ways to get involved, and our Head Start staff will help you. Simply reading a story to a small group of children, talking with children about their art projects, or asking them open ended questions about their daily activities can and will increase children’s language and literacy development, critical thinking skills, and self-esteem!
Studies show that low-income children have far lower skills in these areas that need to be nurtured before they enter kindergarten. Head Start staff does an excellent job, but often are not able to give one on one attention in a classroom full of preschoolers!

If you do decide to “Adopt a Head Start Classroom”, LACCA will celebrate your business’ involvement through media releases, on our website and newsletters to encourage others to participate.

Interested? Please call Janet Buchanan, Head Start Coordinator at 419-227-0158, Ext. 116 to discuss this program further.