HPRP is now called HCRP. HCRP stands for the Homeless Crisis Response Plan and addresses homelessness in the State of Ohio.

WOCAP is part of the Balance of State Continuum of Care (BOSCOC). The objective of the BOSCOC is to address issues of homelessness in the State of Ohio. The State is divided into regions and WOCAP is part of Region 12 which includes Allen, Auglaize, and Mercer counties. WOCAP is the grantee for Region 12.

The HCRP program has two components one is the homeless prevention piece which provides assistance to customers who are imminently at risk of losing their primary nighttime residence within 14-days. The other piece is to rapidly re-house customers who are literally homeless or living in a place not fit for human habitation. When assessing customers for HCRP, WOCAP uses the “but for this assistance, the customer would become literally homeless”.

To be considered for the program the customer must meet the eligibility criteria.

1. At a minimum, have an initial consultation with a case manager or other qualified representative of the agency administering the assistance who can determine the appropriate type of assistance to meet the household’s need

2. Be verified as “literally homeless” (living on the street, in a car, in a homeless shelter, etc.), or ‘homeless but for HCRP assistance” (subject to eviction, short-term institutionalized and subject to discharge, etc.)

3. Be appropriate for a “stable housing outcome” following the assistance

4. Be at or below 30% of the Area Median Income (AMI) for the area.

HCRP provider must verify eligibility information provided by the applicant not less than once every 3-month, document conclusions, and certify initial and ongoing eligibility utilizing third party information.

  • Financial assistance to individuals and families will be prescribed by sub-grantees, but by regulation is generally limited to three (3) months of rental assistance (includes utility payments), deposits for rental units and utilities, moving costs, and or/hotel/motel vouchers necessary to meet emergency needs for potentially eligible individuals and families. Individuals and families may be re-qualified every 3-months. In no case can assistance exceed eighteen (18) months of service
  • Housing Relocation and Stabilization Services that assist program beneficiaries with housing stability and placement and are limited to case management, outreach and engagement, housing search and placement and credit repair
  • This is a rental program so mortgage payments and legal assistance related to foreclosure are not eligible under this program

For more information contact Penny Krouse at 419-227-0158 ext. 118