F.A.N. Club is a father support group consisting of father/child activities and workshops based on the special needs and interests of fathers.

F.A.N. Club | WOCAP | West Ohio Community Action PartnershipNumerous studies have shown that children with fathers that are involved in their lives have an advantage both socially and academically. Fathers who provide genuine praise and admiration help their children to grow into independent, confident adults. Boys who have fathers involved in their lives are less likely to get into trouble as they get older and girls with more involved fathers are less likely to face mental health problems later in life.

Fathers who want to be involved with their children but for various reasons do not feel they have the skills to do so can participate in F.A.N Club and learn how to and communicate love and interest through activities and workshops.

For more information contact John Gonzales 419-227-2586 ext. 111 or Ginger Loscavo 419-227-2586 ext. 131